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The best wedding dress shop in Essex for value, choice and quality of wedding dresses, service, individual attention and charitable giving. Bridal Re-Dress has 110 fantastic wedding dresses in stock so feel free to book an appointment to browse a very varied collection of brand new, sample, and once worn wedding dresses. We have some of the most amazing bargain wedding dresses in Essex on our sale rail. Visit our spacious eco-friendly salon in the beautiful Essex countryside. Sadly we are unable to buy your wedding dress from you. Also, we do not sell online as we believe that every bride should try on a variety of dresses in one session; come and enjoy the experience!

At Bridal Re-Dress we are good at:

  • Helping you find a wedding dress to suit you and your style of wedding.
  • Keeping within your budget for your wedding dress and accessories.
  • Being patient and offering you all the time you need to make a decision.
  • Having spacious facilities which you have completely to yourself.
  • Making alterations to your dress so it fits perfectly.
  • Fitting into a limited time frame before your wedding.
  • Having your dress cleaned for you after the big day.
  • Taking your dress back for resale if it is in perfect condition.
  • Being able to offer the complete range from bargain to designer.
  • Slashing wedding dress prices. Range £50 – £1,430.
  • Making donations to registered charities on your behalf; over £15,000 now!
  • Helping you keep sane when pressures are mounting!
  • Giving further discounts to decisive customers and members of the armed forces and NHS.

Ruth with mannequin at Bridal Re-Dress

PRIVACY POLICY: None of your personal details are stored electronically nor shared with any third party.

You can watch a short video in the salon here: 

You can go straight to our SALE wedding dresses here.

Clients say:

  •  in 2016 I came and bought the most wonderful dress from you. I absolutely LOVED my dress once Vie had altered it and made it perfect,  It's such a gorgeous dress! Many thanks, Eliza.
    Bridal Re-Dress Bride Eliza
  • Vie did a great job making some adjustments to the dress and it looked wonderful on the day Just right for a Christmas Wedding. Thank you for your help picking it out.

    Bridal Re-Dress Bride Phillipa
  • What can I say? I bought this dress in February and married 3 weeks ago. Amazing dress and it was the first one I tried. Highly recommend. Stephanie
    Bridal Re-Dress bride Stephanie
    Bridal Re-Dress Bride Stephanie
  • Hi Ruth, Thought you would like to see a couple of photos of my wedding day in the dress purchased from your shop. Everyone absolutely loved the dress!  Thanks so much. Sam & Alan Hill x
    Sam close up
    Bridal Re-Dress Bride Sam
  •  Hello Ruth As promised I've attached a picture of me in my wedding dress. We had the most amazing day. Thank you for helping me find my perfect dress! Denise xx (Denise's wedding is soon to be featured in 'Essex Bride')
    Bridal Re-Dress Bride Denise.
    Bridal Re-Dress Bride Denise
  • I hope you are well, thank you for all you did i loved my dress and had the most perfect day! Thanks again x ? Dear Lizzie, you look beautiful. Congrats on your baby too! Glad the dress was a success. Ruth x
    Thank you, it was absolutely perfect, had so many compliments!  X
    Bridal Re-Dress bride Lizzie
    Bridal Re-Dress bride Lizzie
  •  Dear Ruth, Thank you so much for my lovely dress, Vie altered it perfectly and I couldn't have been happier! Love from Belinda x
    Bridal Re-Dress Bride Belinda