Bridal Testimonials : buyers and donors.

LeilaThank you so much for your letter and cheque for selling the other dress. We had such a fantastic time and I was so happy with my new dress which definitely made the day perfect. Thank you again for your wonderful advice. Best wishes Leila Burge
Bridal Re-Dress Bride and Donor Leila
Congratulations to Emma Moriaty for winning the Essex Chronicle Bride of the Month. Emma "We had a lovely day and everyone commented on my dress and how unusual it was to see a printed fabric. Also, I will bring the dress to you for cleaning and two minor repairs. Thank you again for all your help Emma"
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Emma
We had a fantastic wedding day along with all our friends and family in Skiathos Greece.  The dress was by Lola Gray with a lace bolero attached.  Thank you so much. Hope all is well Kind regards Jules xx
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Jules
ObiHi Ruth, Thank you for helping me to buy my beautiful wedding dress... Everyone was asking me about the dress and i passed on your details to a few... My wedding was on 21st Dec 2012 at the Hilton in Colombo, Srilanka. I thought of sending you some pics for your gallery!! Enjoy!!   Best regards, Obashini De Silva (Obi)
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Obi
Sarah-and-Amy Hoooooooooraaaay!!!! Well Done! For everything! Received your letter with the enclosed cheque. Thanks for not giving up on the dress!! I’m very glad, after 2 years, we got a sale for the blue dress... Wishing you more and more success with Bridal Re-Dress. Thank you, Chat De Silva xxx
Bridal Re-Dress Donor Chat De Silva
Sarah-and-AmyHi Ruth, the wedding went well, usual hiccups. Sarah looked amazing in her dress & Amy looked lovely in hers and had lots of admirers. Regards  Diana
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Sarah & bridesmaid Amy
Nicky Hi Ruth I would like to say a big thank you for all your patience and assistance in helping me choose my beautiful wedding dress.    You have such a wonderful choice of gowns it was hard to choose but after trying so many on I found “the one”!  I had an amazing wedding day and so many compliments on my gorgeous dress! With very best wishes to you and Bridal Re-Dress, Nicky.
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Nicky
Wedding in St Lucia.  Everyone commented on how beautiful Kate's dress looked and she was thrilled with it.  She looked stunning and it was exactly what was required for the location.
Regards, Linda and Kate x
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Kate
Just to let you know, that the wedding of my son to Sophan was a lovely day and that the dress looked great. Thank you for all your help with the dress and shoes. Thanks again for your support
Best regards
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Sophan
cancer researchMy dress was perfect! A bargain at £100 and my husband was gobsmacked at it! loved it! This website and company is fantastic and really helps people that can't afford the high street bridal stores.  Julie.
cancer research
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Julie
654 David Tutera     thank you so much for selling my wedding dress for me. I was so pleased when I received your letter and the cheque and I'm so glad the dress made another bride happy. I just couldn't believe it sold that quickly! Thanks again and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I speak to for both buying and selling their wedding dresses. Kind Regards, Natalie Evans
Bridal Re-Dress Donor Natalie
Dear Ruth vsolkin2_20498[1] Thank you so much for your letter enclosing my cheque following the sale of my Maggie gown. This was well timed I must say and much appreciated just before Christmas! The bride-to-be looks stunning and the dress looks so much better on her than it did me! I hope she has a great day and wish her well. Best wishes Linsey
Bridal Re-Dress Donor Linsey
cancer research Dear Ruth It was a pleasant surprise to receive my cheque last week!  I am delighted that my dress will get another opportunity to sparkle in the sun and hopefully help make someone else's special day a little more complete. I am delighted also that in selling the dress we were able to donate to a great cause. Many thanks for your efforts in selling my dress and for getting such a good result so quickly. All the best Helen
cancer research
Bridal Re-Dress Donor Helen
Joanne Thanks for all your help - it was the right dress! Joanne Walsh
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Joanne
Liz Hi Ruth We had a wonderful day, the ceremony was lovely, the sun shone & even the local church bells rang!  The day went too fast but everyone had a great time so we have lovely memories of a near-perfect Day. Many thanks, once again, for all your help with my dress fittings (& to Viv too for her expertise with alterations & making the skirt & wrap). I wish you continued success with the business. Kind regards, Liz Rider (nee Walters)
Bridal Re-Dress Bride Liz