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Blossom traditionally associated with bouquets. Bridal Re-Dress Wakes Colne.

Bridal Re-Dress, Colchester. Orange blossom traditionally associated with wedding bouquets and head garlands since early times.

Bridal Re-Dress would like to draw your attention to the following presentations and news items which may be of use to our brides. If you know of any other amazing snippets about other bridal accessories etc. please contact us (Tel: 07903 320631) with the details. Alternatively, if there are any wedding debates which you would like started here just let me know. Possible subjects could be: Has second hand taken off for the bridal industry? Do you need to bounce ideas about wedding themes off other brides and guests? How important is the price of your wedding dress and other wedding costs? Who should pay for the wedding dress these days- the parents, the bride, the groom? How much does the setting and interior design of the bridal salon influence your purchase? Horror stories abound about the risk of buying a wedding dress off the internet; would you be prepared to take that risk?

Check out this article if you are having panic attacks at the mere thought of organising the wedding:


‘Bridal Buyer’ Award

The Winner of the ‘EDITOR’S CHOICE Bridal Buyer AWARD 2020’ is Sanyukta Shrestha. This leading awards ceremony is acknowledged nationally as the Oscars of the bridal industry in the UK. The Bridal Buyer Awards bring the companies and individuals who have excelled into the spotlight, applauding their success. Comment “Judging is always a difficult task, and…



Sell my wedding dress

 Sell my wedding dress Everybody wants to sell their wedding dress these days. I guess its a sign of the times – shortage of money and less sentimentality. Most of the enquiries I receive are from people wanting me to buy their wedding dress from them. They need the money now and they just want…