Wedding dresses catalogue

To browse, simply choose your size of wedding dress from the options below. Please remember it is easier to take dresses in rather than make them bigger. Please consider a variety of styles as the one you have your heart set on may not suit you. Also, one on a hanger may not stand out until you put it on.

To help you budget some of the sizes of wedding dresses are divided into different price ranges. If there is a particular wedding dress which you are interested in buying online please go to the Contact Us page and request more information. We have the complete range for every occasion as our wedding dresses span many many years of wedding dress fashion. We have the variety to choose from if you are looking for something unique. Also our seamstress can tweak and alter dresses to your specifications. Most of these wedding dresses have never been worn and we can even order brand new bridal dresses for you in your size from Sanyukta Shrestha. Check out the beautiful ‘Orla’ dress in her new Autumn range.
Be sure to check out the Bargain Wedding Dresses which are £200 or less! Prices constantly slashed, huge reductions today!

We also stock a good range of veils.

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Please note that we do not send out printed versions of this wedding dresses catalogue.

683 Terry Fox Size 8 Reduced from £1,500 to £200, NEW

Sale Wedding Dresses, £200

All sizes at exceptional prices. The quality of these wedding dresses must be seen to be believed. Designs can be tweaked to suit you.

686 Terry Fox-A Secret Affair, Size 10 £300

Size 10 Wedding Dresses, up to £400

A varied collection of size 10 wedding dresses at fabulous prices